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IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: Scope Limitations for AS9120B Certification

T&T Materials, Inc. cannot supply any raw materials to our aerospace customers and/or materials for aerospace applications that require any secondary processing to convert stock “off the shelf” material into compliance to customer specifications / requirements. The secondary processing that is prohibited includes, but is not limited to, surface and centerless grinding, cutting, thermal processing, chemical milling, rough machining and fabrication. This prohibition is dictated by the scope of T&T Materials, Inc. AS9120B certification.

T&T Materials, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to review and clarify this limitation of scope with any of our valued aerospace customers to ensure that we are in full compliance with the AS9120B standards.

To review this statement of scope, please contact:

James F. Mossgraber
Vice President / General Manager
Quality Assurance Officer
T&T Materials, Inc.

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